The Eighteenth Century Woman

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The Eighteenth Century Woman

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The 18th Century represents a period of advancement for women at the highest level of society, though often at the expense of the poverty-bound populace.  Featuring Marisa Berenson, Diana Vreeland and Stella Blum, this program offers a dazzling array of gowns and costumes, accessories, jewelry, paintings and music from the period, evoking the lives of the century’s most important women, and the age of enlightenment in which they lived.

1982 / 56 min. / DVD / Color

© 1982  ABC Video Enterprises, Inc.

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Executive Producer: Pamela Hill
Senior Producer: Richard Richter
Producers: Suzanne Bauman / Jim Burroughs
Directors:  Suzanne Bauman / Jim Burroughs
Writers:  Jim Burroughs / Suzanne Bauman / Kathy Slobogin