Frederic Remington: “The Truth of Other Days”

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Frederic Remington: “The Truth of Other Days”

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This program focuses on the life, work and times of Frederic Remington, a 19th Century American painter, sculptor and author who was best known for his scenes of Western life.

Narrated by Gregory Peck and featuring Ned Beatty as the voice of Remington, the program traces Remington's career as an artist from his sketches as a young boy to his mature work as one of America's finest painters and sculptors at the turn of the century. The film also explores Remington's direct influence on filmmakers such as John Ford and his continuing effect on today's popular culture.

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Studios: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Polaris Entertainment / NHK Broadcasting
Producers: Tom Neff, Amie Knox, Diandra Douglas
Director: Tom Neff
Narrator: Gregory Peck
Voice of Remington: Ned Beatty