Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist

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Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist

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This is a documentary about the artist and premiere teacher of modern art in the United States. Hans Hofmann was one of the pioneers to follow Cezanne in exploring the hidden qualities of color, and perhaps one of the most influential artist-teachers in America. Narrated by Robert De Niro, this film is both an explanation of modern art and the story of an artist and teacher.

2002 / 56 min. / DVD / Color

© 2002 Amgott Productions

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Studio:  Amgott Productions
Executive Producers: Karl Katz / Madeline Amgott
Producer: Madeline Amgott
Director: Madeline Amgott
Editor: Joel Katz
Narrator: Robert De Niro
Broadcast: Aired on PBS
Distributor: MUSE Film and Television