La Belle Epoque (1890-1914)

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La Belle Epoque (1890-1914)

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Featuring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Diana Vreeland, this program evokes “the beautiful era” (1890-1914), a time in which the wealthy upper classes of the western world gave themselves over to a life of elegance and pleasure, their eyes closed to the increasing social and political turmoil fermenting beneath the surface of society. The program uses period motion pictures, photographs, and sound recordings, as well as the arts and fashions of the period to supplement the spoken memories of the participating interviewees who actually lived "La Belle Epoque."

1983 / 60 min. / DVD / Color

© 1983 ABC Enterprises, Inc.

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Studios: ABC Video Enterprise, Inc. / The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Executive Producer: Karl Katz
Producers: Suzanne Bauman / Jim Burroughs
Director: Suzanne Bauman
Writers: Judy Crichton / Suzanne Bauman / Jim Burroughs / Peggy Brim
Narrator: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.