Robert Indiana: American Dreamer

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Robert Indiana: American Dreamer

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Over the past 50 years, Robert Indiana has created a unique body of work drawn from pop culture images, American literature, and visual signs from his personal history. Though best known for his iconic LOVE images, Indiana has also worked in painting, sculpture, set design, graphics, printmaking, and assemblage.

This hour-long portrait combines archival footage of Indiana at work in his studio with photographs, interviews, poetry, prose, and contemporary scenes to create a visual autobiography in the artist's own words and images.

2007 / 57 min. / DVD / Color

© 2007 Eric Breitbart Productions, LLC / MUSE Film and Television

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Studio: Eric Breitbart Productions, LLC / MUSE Film and Television
Executive Producers: Karl Katz / Catherine Price
Producer: Eric Breitbart
Director: Eric Breitbart
Music: Becky Archibald
Distributor: MUSE Film and Television