Professor Meyer Schapiro’s The Unity of Picasso’s Art

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Professor Meyer Schapiro’s The Unity of Picasso’s Art

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Over the course of his distinguished career, Meyer Schapiro, Professor of Art History at Columbia University, tape recorded many of his lectures. This program, The Unity of Picasso's Art, is in fact two lectures which have been converted into a video format to both preserve the special and unique insights of Professor Schapiro and at the same time to bring the visual material to life through the medium of film. The balance of the program is devoted to 75 paintings, drawings and sculptures by Picasso in addition to photographs of the artist in his studio.

1986 / 92 min. / DVD / Color

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Studios: The Office of Film and Television of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gittelman Film Associations, Inc.
Executive Producer: Karl Katz
Producer: Philip Gittelman
Director: Philip Gittelman