Degenerate Art

An award-winning film about the most widely seen art exhibition ever assembled – Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) – commissioned by Hitler as an attack on modern art and artists. The documentary is based on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibition (1990-91) where the Nazi show was recreated. The film, incorporates footage of the original exhibition, reminiscences by visitors to Entartete Kunst, and commentary by critics and historians.

60 min. / Color / German and English with English subtitles

© 1993 David Grubin Productions, Inc. / The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Studio: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art / David Grubin Productions, Inc.
Producer/Director: David Grubin
Executive Producers: Stephanie Barron / David Grubin
Associate Executive Producer: Karl Katz
Distributor: MUSE Film and Television, Inc.

This film is currently unavailable for distribution.