Jackie: Behind the Myth

This two-hour program goes beyond the headlines and the hype—and the obvious—to unveil the full story of a remarkable American woman: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. For a few unforgettable years, she was one of America’s most fascinating First Ladies. For decades, she was an unwavering mainstay in the midst of America’s 20th-century storm of cultural values.

This biography gives viewers an intimate account of her life, framed by the times in which she lived, and informed by the people who knew her, including John Kenneth and Kitty Galbraith, Pierre Salinger, Isaac Stern and I.M. Pei. Dancers, illustrators, historians and best-selling authors discuss the influence she wielded during her 20-year career as a book editor.

Throughout this film biography, photos, newsreels and home movies are interwoven with Onassis’ own words; poetry and journal entries illuminate her opinions and experiences.

120 min. / Color/ English / © 2000 Thirteen/WNET

Studio: Thirteen/WNET / MUSE Film and Television
Producer/Director: Suzanne Bauman
Distributor: PBS Home Video